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Occupational Health Service Unit

The OHS at the University of Oslo

  • Employees who, for various reasons, are affected by the war in Ukraine and need a conversation with OHS are welcome to contact us.
  • The Occupational Health Care Unit is in Kristian Ottosen's Hus - the lower floor-  at campus Blindern.
  • We are still providing digital services after special agreements. The digital services will be on Zoom or Teams.
  • All inquiries made to the unit are treated confidentially and following the privacy policy. We maintain privacy policies even if consultations are digital.
  • Regarding the pandemic and Covid-19, please see up-to-date information and recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (

Our responsibilities and services

  • The Occupational Health Service Unit supports employers, staff, working environment committees, and safety representatives in creating safe and sound working conditions.
  • The unit comprises specialists in occupational health, the psycho-social and organisational working environment, ergonomics, and occupational hygiene. The Occupational Health Service has a free and independent position at the University of Oslo.
  • Employees are welcome to get in touch for a conversation
  • We will generally answer new inquiries within five workdays.
  • There are many inquiries to the OCH, and our capacity is, to a certain degree, restricted. The follow-up, in some cases, may therefore take longer.

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Postal address Postboks 1043 Blindern, 0316 Oslo Visiting address Problemveien 9 Kristian Ottosens hus u.etg. 0316 Oslo Email:

Unit codes

Cost center 36200000 Purchasing, finance, salary and more Old unit ID 360500 Vortex, FS and more