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Occupational Health Service Unit

Current organisation of our services

  • The Occupational Health Service Unit still has a home office and offers consultations digitally.
  • However, in line with the fact that UiO is gradually returning to normal operation, we will resume some services in our offices at Blindern. These will primarily be tasks relating to occupational hygiene, vaccinations and targeted health surveys. Eventually, this will also apply to other consultations and meetings, depending on the topic, issues and what is most convenient.
  • All inquiries made to our unit are treated confidentially and in accordance with the personal privacy policy. This is maintained even if consultations are carried out digitally.
  • We also refer to up-to-date information and recommendations from the health authorities.

Our ordinary responsibilities and services

  • The Occupational Health Service Unit provides support to employers, staff, working environment committees and safety representatives in creating safe and sound working conditions.
  • The unit comprises specialists in the fields of occupational health, the psychosocial and organizational working environment, ergonomics and occupational hygiene, and has a free and independent position vis-à-vis working environment issues.
  • Inquiries will normally be answered within 5 work days.
  • Read about the services we provide (Norwegian)


Postal address Postboks 1043 Blindern 0316 Oslo Visiting address Problemveien 9 Kristian Ottosens hus u.etg. 0316 Oslo Email: Org. Unit ID: 360500