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Office for Research and Innovation

The Office is responsible for legal services and has management tasks within research administration.

The Office assists with counseling, coordination and support within:

  • Legal advice in the field of research, including contracts for external research funding
  • Research ethics
  • Researcher education
  • Innovation
  • Management, analysis and reporting of data on research
  • Open access
  • Cristin, SciVal, Health Research
  • Quality system for health care research
  • Institutional coordination of sectoral cooperation in health research
  • Coordination responsibilities and/or secretariat tasks: Research Ethics Committee, Intellectual Property Rights Committee, Cooperation Council (Health-South-East, UiO and University Hospitals), Cristin Network, Bibliometry Network




Postal address Postboks 1072 Blindern 0316 Oslo Visiting address Problemveien 7 Lucy Smiths hus 2.etg 0313 Oslo