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How can we help you?

The Ombud for students provides free legal advice and counseling for students. We seek out to solve cases at the lowest possible level.

The Ombud for students duty is to secure that the rights for students are being upheld. We are an independent and neutral party.

There are no obligations attached to your contact with us. All inquiries are treated confidentially. The ombud for students is bound by confidentiality.

    We can:

    • Provide you with information about your rights and obligations as a student at your institution.
    • Make sure your case is being properly addressed.
    • Give advice and counsel on matters regarding cheating, suitability assessment, expulsion, etc.
    • Participate as a neutral party in meetings between you and the institution or other parties in the case.
    • Give feedback on drafts of applications or appeals.
    • If you are thinking about reporting institutional related concerns, we can provide you with insight about circumstances such as, ie. harassment, bullying or breaches of security procedures, and what to do next. 
    • If you would like to submit an anonymous report or complaint, you can do so through the Ombud for students.

    As a student you have obligations and rights related to your studies. These are regulated several places. You can read the act relating to universities and university colleges here. 

    We advise you to find out which terms and regulations that apply at your educational institution. 


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    Published Sep. 27, 2017 3:17 PM - Last modified Mar. 22, 2021 12:38 PM