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Rules for use of the 12th floor of Niels Treschow's Building

The cafeteria on the 12th floor of Niels Treschow's Building (HF12) is an assembly room where catering and serving of food is permitted. The room may be used for meetings, conferences, seminars, disputation dinners, banquets and social events.  Student associations are not allowed to rent the premises.

A total of up to 100 people are allowed in room 1224 (the meeting/ conference room) and room 1225 (the dining room). Student associations are not allowed to rent the premises.

Booking and reservation

For use before 5 pm:

  • UiO staff may book the room by filling out this form.
  • The dining room (1225) is defined as both a meeting room and a dining room.
  • The meeting and conference room (1224) can be used separately by UiO units before 5 pm on weekdays.

For use after 5 pm:

  • Requests and reservations must be made through a reservation form.
  • Any use of the rooms after 5 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays require special permission.


  • Cooking and preparation of food is not allowed on the premises. Only catered or pre-made food is allowed.
  • Drinks and food can be stored in the refrigerator prior to the event.  Kitchen appliances, service and cutlery are not for use. and users of the room must make their own arrangements for this.
  • After an event has taken place, the user is responsible for clearing and rearranging furniture back to the way it was. Users should remove everything which has been brought to the premises (any form of waste, containers, services, thermoses, empty bottles and cans etc.) on the very evening of the event. Waste can be placed in the waste containers on the parking lot outside Henrik Wergelands hus.
  • Wipe the tables and chairs. The dishwasher is not for rent. Use the sink to rinse off service, cutlery and such.
  • The cleaning personell will decide whether extra cleaning is needed, in which case the user will be billed for it. To order extra cleaning, please contact
  • Any use of open flame such as candels is prohibited. Use of electric plates is also forbidden.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside the building.
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