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Guidelines for hosting and representation at UiO

The Government Employment Handbook regulates representation, hosting, expenses for food etc. (Norwegian) ( As a main rule, hosting expenses should not be incurred for internal meetings, unless external participants are present.

UiO has specified the governmental instructions through the guidelines below. The indicated rates are valid as of 1 January, 2022. The rates for 2021 are also indicated.

1. Hosting

1.1 Rates 2022

Events Catering on
UiO's premises
Catering outside
UiO's premises
≤ 3 hours within work day Coffee/NOK 197* NOK 296
> 3 hours within work day
expanding into lunch hour
NOK 197 NOK 296
> 3 hours beyond work day NOK 446 NOK 669
Long lasting
with need for 2 meals
NOK 652 NOK 979

* Catering other than coffee at events under 3 hours requires that external participants are present.

1.2 Events with catering on UiO's permises

  1. At events scheduled to last up to 3 hours, serving of coffee may be considered by each event's owner. If external participants are presents, simple food items may be served. Expences should not exceed NOK 197 per participant. Costs must be covered by the owner of the meeting/course.
  2. At events lasting more than 3 hours and extending into lunch time, a simple lunch may be served. Lunch expenses should not exceed NOK 197 per participant. Lunch costs must be covered by the owner of the meeting/course.
  3. At events lasting 3 hours or more and extending beyond normal working hours, and where serving of food other than sandwiches, coffee and similar is necessary, a maximum of NOK 446 per participant may be spent.
  4. At long lasting events where two meals are necessary, a maximum of NOK 652 per participant may be spent.

1.3 Events with catering outside UiO’s premises

  1. As a main rule, UiO’s premises should be used for hosting.
  2. When, in exceptional cases, meals for practical reasons cannot be taken in canteens, meal rooms, meeting rooms or similar, but external hosting establishments must be used, the rates can be increased by a maximum of 50 %.
  3. Restaurant visits must, as a rule, be ordered through UiO's purchase management system, under the condition that the restaurant can send an invoice. Therefore, outlays to be reimbursed shall remain the exception.

2. Representation

2.1. Definition

Representation expenses are expenses for hosting in the form of lunch, dinner, banquets or other festive meals, or expenses for receptions, excursions etc., where external guests are present. The event should have a certain formal character, and be related to a particular occasion.

2.2 Rates 2022

Representation In Norway Abroad At home
Simple lunch/
NOK 526
(NOK 684*)
Board rate for country
(+ 30 %**)
NOK 421
(NOK 547*)
Lunch/dinner NOK 1427
(NOK 1855*)
Board rate for country
(+ 30 %**)
NOK 1142
(NOK 1484*)

* Increased rate for high-level foreign guests

** Increased rate for special cases, must be justified

2.3 Representation in Norway

  1. Authority: After individual assessment of the case in question, the faculty/departmental management decides whether an event is to be regarded as representation:
    • When claiming outlay reimbursement, this assessment must be made on this form (word) before the event takes place, and appended to the reimbursement form.
    • When using the purchasing system, it is sufficient that the BDM specifies the preliminary approval in the order (use the specification field). The BDM for such orders must be the faculty/departmental manager.
  2. The following maximum rates have been defined, taking effect from 1 January, 2022:
    • Lunch/dinner: maximum NOK 1 427 per person
    • Simple lunch/reception: maximum NOK 526 per person
    • Higher rate: The rates may be increased by a maximum of 30 % for events attended by high-ranking foreign guests. The Rector/University Director decides when the higher rates may apply.
  3. For serving of alcohol, see item 3.
  4. If the representation programme encompasses cultural events, such as theatre performances, opera, ballet or sporting events, additional expenses for these may be covered. The same applies to expenses for flowers, cloakroom fees etc. Coverage of costs for cultural events must be agreed in advance. This assessment must be made in writing and appended to the case documents.

2.4 Representation abroad

  1. Authority: The Rector/University Director decides which persons have general authority to consent to representation expenses incurred abroad. Normally, this will be the management of the faculties and departments. A written overview of the UiO staff members to whom this applies shall be available. The assessment of the case in question must be made on this form (word) before the event takes place, and appended to the case documents.
  2. When employees of UiO host lunches or dinners in connection with job-related assignments abroad, maximum expenditure per person is equal to the per-diem rate for the country in question, cf. the Government’s per-diem rates for foreign travel (Norwegian) ( If the representation expenses in exceptional cases cannot be restricted to the per-diem rate for the country in question, the rates may be increased by a maximum of 30 %. Special grounds must be given.
  3. For serving of alcohol, see item 3.

2.5 Representation at home

  1. Authority: The faculty/departmental management may consent to representation in private homes on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Reimbursable amount: For such representation, documented expenses are reimbursed up to a maximum of 80 % of the rates applicable to other forms of representation.
  3. For serving of alcohol, see item 3.

3. Serving of alcohol

  1. The working environment at UiO should be free from substance abuse, for students as well as staff.
  2. UiO wishes to show itself to be unambiguous and consistent to its students and staff, and to act in accordance with its own guidelines on substance abuse (Norwegian). No alcohol should therefore be served or taken during core working hours, i.e. before 3 p.m., on UiO’s premises.
  3. This applies to all of UiO’s enterprises and SiO’s catering establishments located on UiO’s premises, as well as all student cafés, festival tents and other temporary catering establishments.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are only covered when served with food. At events outside UiO’s premises where alcohol is served, the costs for serving of beer/wine with meals should be limited to the deductible amount defined by Section 6-21-2 of the Tax Regulations (Norwegian) (, for the income year 2021 NOK 511 per person.

4. Tips

  1. As a rule, no tips are to be paid at the expense of UiO.
  2. Exceptions apply exclusively to countries where modest tips or fixed additional charges are common standard, e.g. in the U.S. Here the following routines apply:
    1. The occasion to pay tips at the expense of UiO is subject to preliminary approval:
      • When claiming outlay reimbursement, preliminary approval must be documented on this form (word), also in cases of work meals.
      • When using the purchasing system, it is sufficient that BDM specifies the preliminary approval in the order (use the specification field).
    2. Tips to be covered by UiO must be documented and made probable.
  3. The individual employee is free to pay tips at his or her own discretion but these must be covered privately.
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