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Staff members at the Payroll Office (SL)

Persons 1 - 25 of 32
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tove Alm Alm, Tove Senior Executive Officer +47 22841029 Salary payments
Picture of Thomas Aulin Aulin, Thomas Adviser +47 22858666 Travel, Reimbursements, Advances, ePhorte, Safety representative
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47 22854192 +47 97015910 +4797015910 Salary, Taxes, Regulations, Internal audit, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group
Picture of Monica Carvajal Carlosama Carlosama, Monica Carvajal Senior Adviser +47 22856234 +47 93480650 Accounting, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reporting, Reimbursements
Picture of Hilde-Regine Gjøsund Gjøsund, Hilde-Regine Senior Executive Officer +47 22856219 Sick leave, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Mette Gregusson Gregusson, Mette Adviser +47 22858179 +47 48212865 Parental leave, Counselling
Picture of Eli Molven Gaard Gaard, Eli Molven Senior Executive Officer +47 22841037 Salary payments
Picture of Beth Haugen Haugen, Beth Senior Executive Officer +47 22856057 Salary payments
Picture of Marit Holmseth Holmseth, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47 22855433 Salary payments
Picture of Nina Jørgensrud Jørgensrud, Nina Adviser +47 22856160 Salary payments, Training, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reconciliation
Picture of James Hannington Kilenzi Kilenzi, James Hannington Senior Executive Officer +47 22856315 Salary payments
Picture of Nina Kjeldsrud Kjeldsrud, Nina Adviser +47 22855781 Salary payments
Picture of Vigdis Kolstad Kolstad, Vigdis Senior Executive Officer +47 22855774 Salary payments
Picture of Ingebjørg Lunde-Brevig Lunde-Brevig, Ingebjørg Higher Executive Officer +47 22856168 Sick leave, Mail room, Purchasing, Office support
Picture of Cecilie Løberg Løberg, Cecilie Adviser +47 22854772 +47 94841785 Parental leave, Counselling, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Ann-Christine Alderin Låtun Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47 22856241 +47 95199391 Reimbursements, Travel, Fee, Absence, Management, Salary
Picture of Simon Mumtaz Mumtaz, Simon Senior Executive Officer +47 22858665 Salary payments
Picture of Marianne Nordby Nordby, Marianne Administrative Manager +47 22856233 +47 91690769 Management, Sick leave, Parental leave, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Per Ask Opheim Opheim, Per Ask Higher Executive Officer +47 22856228 NAV reimbursements, Sick leave
Picture of Anne Lau Revil Revil, Anne Lau Adviser +47 22854472 Salary payments, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit
Picture of Aina Sandvik Sandvik, Aina Senior Executive Officer +47 22841038 Sick leave, Long-term sick leave, Counselling, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Sugumaran Shanmugam Shanmugam, Sugumaran Adviser +47 22856216 +4795248771 Reporting, Salary, HR system, SAPUiO
Picture of Rajeswary Sivakumaran Sivakumaran, Rajeswary Executive Officer +47 22841045 Travel, Reimbursements, Salary payments
Picture of Anne Skotte Skotte, Anne Adviser +47 22851345 Parental leave, Counselling
Picture of Jon Arne Sneve Sneve, Jon Arne Adviser +47 22852783 +47 95020083 User support