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Staff members at the Department of Personnel Support (AP)

Persons 1 - 24 of 24
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ghazaleh Amini Amini, Ghazaleh Section Manager +47-22856071 Internalisation, Mobility, Training
Picture of Cecilie Andersen Andersen, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22851802 +47-97755640 HR development, Competence development, Courses, Project management
Picture of Berit Hernes Bakke Bakke, Berit Hernes Personnel Manager +47-22841055 +47-97532377 Legal counselling, Contracts, Civil service law
Berg, Gina Kristine Senior Adviser +47-22841837 Elections, Regulations, Inclusive workplace (IA)
Picture of Tone Elstad Elstad, Tone Adviser +47-22844758 Mobility, Counselling
Picture of Erik Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Erik Senior Adviser +47-95745980 UniRand
Picture of Aminah Iqbal Iqbal, Aminah Senior Adviser +47-22856235 +4798651719 Legal counselling, Contracts, Civil service law
Picture of Birte Borgund Koteng Koteng, Birte Borgund Senior Executive Officer +47-22852507 Salary negotiations, Regulations, Civil service law
Picture of Elisabeth Kvalvåg Kvalvåg, Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47-22857749 +47-92207749 Training, Project management, Facilitation, Counsellingle
Kvamme, Jeannette Adviser +47-22858137 Civil service law, Legal counselling
Picture of Ingrid Lillebø Lillebø, Ingrid Senior Adviser +47-22855040 Civil service law, Legal counselling
Lysaker, Amund Smidt Senior Executive Officer Mobility, Counselling
Picture of Hege Elisabeth Løvbak Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47-22854053 92042455 +47-92042455 Gender equality, Reporting, Training
Picture of Maja Jenssen Malnes Malnes, Maja Jenssen Adviser +47-22858033 Project management, Counselling, Reporting, Training, Jobbnorge, Employment agency, Whydentify, Regulatiions, Personnel administration, Employments
Picture of Roger Markgraf-Bye Markgraf-Bye, Roger Senior Adviser +47-22856261 +47-90822826 Legal counselling, Contracts, Civil service law
Picture of Erland Nettum Nettum, Erland Senior Adviser +47-22844229 Mobility, Counselling, Training, Internationalisation, Residence permit
Picture of Thea Ullhaug Pope Pope, Thea Ullhaug Adviser +47-22857420 Mobility, Counselling
Picture of Nina Merete Norli Ringnes Ringnes, Nina Merete Norli Senior Adviser +47-22857734 +47-93096866 Competence development, Organisational development, HR development
Picture of Irene Sandlie Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47-22857472 +47-41680540 Regulations, Strategy, Facilitation
Picture of Anja Gil Spilling Spilling, Anja Gil Adviser +47-22857824 Mobility, Researcher housing
Picture of Mari Theodorsen Theodorsen, Mari Senior Adviser +47-22859358 Salary negotiations, Civil service law, Regulations
Picture of Brede Tarald Fannemel Trollsås Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47-22841035 +47-91604437 Project management, Counselling, Organisational development, Strategic HR, BOTT, Reporting, Salary negotiations
Picture of Sidsel Gunn Valmot Valmot, Sidsel Gunn Senior Adviser +47-22856178 +47-91657409 Competence development, Leadership development, Organisational development
Wu, Xiao Yun Senior Adviser +47-22857029 +47-91352157 HR development, Organisational development, Leadership development, Change development