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Persons 201 - 225 of 241
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Line Berit Sveen Sveen, Line Berit Senior Executive Officer +47 22844116 Property services, Service Center
Picture of Lasse Robert C Sydhagen Sydhagen, Lasse Robert C Works Coordinator +47 22852299 +47 93088460 Maintenance and Operations
Szeszko, Anna Jolanta Cleaner +47 22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Mathis Sølverud Sølverud, Mathis Works Technician +47 22844264 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of John-Are Sørlie Sørlie, John-Are Head Engineer +4748105565 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Lars Christian Sørlie Sørlie, Lars Christian Adviser Procurement
Picture of Trond Sørlie Sørlie, Trond Head Engineer +47 90254469 Security, Alarm Systems
Picture of Andreas Sørvik Sørvik, Andreas Head Engineer +47 98065509 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Gabrielle Tandberg Tandberg, Gabrielle Senior Executive Officer +47 22859801 +47 95845028 Events, Support, Maintenance and operations
Picture of Raviraj Thamothrampillai Thamothrampillai, Raviraj Cleaner +47 22851813 Cleaning
Picture of Thor Thomassen Thomassen, Thor +47 97044196 Project management
Picture of Line Gry Thorkildsen Thorkildsen, Line Gry Works Technician +47 22844171 Carpentry, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Arvid Thorstensen Thorstensen, Arvid Section Manager +47 41567417 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Tone E. Thrap-Meyer Thrap-Meyer, Tone E. Administrative Manager +47 22844420 +47 92812091 Management, Building Maintenance
Picture of Bjørn Andreas Throndsen Throndsen, Bjørn Andreas Secretary +47 22858201 Switchboard
Thuraisingham, Vasan Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Elisabeth Høgset Todal Todal, Elisabeth Høgset Senior Adviser +47 90081079 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communications
Picture of Terje Arild Toresen Toresen, Terje Arild Works Technician +47 22850517 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Petter Torjesen Torjesen, Petter Senior Executive Officer +47 22856206 Copying, Printing
Picture of Tho Kim Thi Truong Truong, Tho Kim Thi Principal Engineer +47 99555639
Picture of Knut Arne Elgesem Tønnesen Tønnesen, Knut Arne Elgesem Head Engineer +47 22857535 +47 91129027 Security
Picture of Ulla Uberg Uberg, Ulla Art Curator - University Art Collection +47-91145598 Project management, Art management, Artistic mediator
Picture of Torhild Helene Ugedal Ugedal, Torhild Helene Senior Adviser +47 97036072 Financial management, Economics, Budget
Picture of Roberto Ilufi Ulloa Ulloa, Roberto Ilufi Cleaner +47 22852035 Renhold
Picture of Andreas Ullsgård Ullsgård, Andreas Works Coordinator +47 95218286 Building maintenance