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Staff members at Management Support

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christopher Weidemann Aspelin Aspelin, Christopher Weidemann Senior Adviser +47 91849708 Procurement
Picture of Jardar Havro Bakke Bakke, Jardar Havro Senior Adviser +47 91723887
Picture of Line Bøhn Bøhn, Line Head Engineer +47 22858611 +47 22858611 IT
Picture of Nicolas Couchaux Couchaux, Nicolas Financial Manager
Picture of Britt Franklin Franklin, Britt Senior Adviser +47 22854491 +47 92028418 Projects, Financial management
Picture of Trude Kristine Hetland Hetland, Trude Kristine Adviser +47 22856674 +47 93090332 Events, Property services, Service Center
Picture of Britt Amundsen  Hoel Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-91368921 Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Picture of Kristin Victoria Jansen Jansen, Kristin Victoria Adviser +47 98808697 Procurement
Picture of Stig A. Kristiansen Kristiansen, Stig A. Senior Adviser +47 22856317 +47 48249084 Property management, Internal rent
Picture of Morten Langerud Langerud, Morten Senior Adviser +47-22844458 Property management, Internal rent
Picture of Henry Leirdal Leirdal, Henry Senior Executive Officer +47 95760046 Finance, Accounts
Picture of Åsne Melhuus Melhuus, Åsne Administrative Manager +47 95111307 Procurement, Finance, Invoices
Picture of Ellen Ness Ness, Ellen Senior Adviser
Picture of Einar Noreik Noreik, Einar Lawyer +47 22856646 +47 98872318 Legal counselling, Contracts, Regulations
Picture of Sigurd Pedersen Pedersen, Sigurd Senior Adviser +47 92480838 Procurement
Picture of Gunilla Elisabeth Opsahl Seyfarth Seyfarth, Gunilla Elisabeth Opsahl Adviser +47 90235711 HR, HSE, Personnel, Employment, Estate department
Picture of Seema Singh Singh, Seema Senior Adviser +47 98401471 Digitalisation
Picture of Torborg Storaas Storaas, Torborg Administrative Manager +47 40873066
Picture of Elisabeth Høgset Todal Todal, Elisabeth Høgset Senior Adviser +47 90081079 Communications, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication
Picture of Tho Kim Thi Truong Truong, Tho Kim Thi Principal Engineer +47 99555639
Picture of Jon Vollset Vollset, Jon Property manager +47-22856399 +47-91614059 Property coordinator, Property management, Research Mart
Picture of Sabina Beslija Wallenius Wallenius, Sabina Beslija Adviser HR, HSE, Personnel, Employment, Estate department