Innovation hangout #2 for academia and industry

Welcome to the second Life Science Growth House innovation hangout – a new meeting place for academia and industry. This hangout is a collaboration with the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI). Topic: Tomorrow’s medicine – advanced therapies, cell therapy, precision medicine and nuclear medicine.

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For researchers and students at the University of Oslo, researchers at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), members of LMI, Oslo Cancer Cluster, Norway Health Tech and The Life Science Cluster, the Oslo Science Park community and Oslo Science City partners. Free of charge, but you have to sign up.

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Registration deadline: 7 June


Registration, coffee, tea and fruit from 16:30.
The programme in Forum auditorium starts at 17:00.

Martin Haswell graphicsInspirational talk

Martin Haswell, General Manager, Roche Pharma Norway



More about the talk, the speaker and Roche

Martin Haswell will talk about the collaboration strategy along the value chain for international pharma. How can Oslo and Norway become more attractive to international health industry? What is his vision for Roche Pharma Norway with regards to collaboration with academia?

Martin Haswell has a Master of Science from the University of Glasgow. He has almost 20 years of experience from Roche UK, Australia and Switzerland, last as head of transformation, global product strategy. He joined Roche Pharma Norway earlier this year.

Roche is according to its website the world’s largest biotech company, with medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system. Roche is also the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management. The company headquarters are located in Basel, Switzerland and Roche has 94 000 employees in more than a hundred different countries. In Norway, Roche has more than 140 employees divided into pharma and diagnostics.

Image may contain: Glasses, Sleeve, Gesture, Terrestrial plant, Font.Role model talk

Frans Suurs, PhD, Scientia Fellow UiO, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital and Bayer




More about the talk, the speaker and his research

Frans Suurs will share his experience from working in the intersection between academia and industry, last at the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and Bayer. What are the similarities and differences between academia and industry and how do you navigate diverging interests?

Frans Suurs studied pharmaceutical sciences and oncology at the VU University Amsterdam. During his masters, he did an internship at the biotech company Genentech, Inc., San Francisco. Next, he completed his PhD at the University of Groningen at the department of Medical Oncology with his thesis: Molecular imaging of immunotherapy biodistribution and the tumour immune environment. During his PhD, he collaborated with multiple industrial partners, large and small companies. This provided insight into the similarities and differences between academia and industry, and how to navigate diverging interests.  

Now, Frans is doing his postdoc as a Scientia Fellow at the University of Oslo and collaborating with the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Again providing a window into both worlds, academia and industry. His project revolves around facilitating the translation of a novel kind of anti-cancer treatment, called targeted alpha therapy. Here, an alpha emitter is conjugated to a tumour-targeting antibody, which will guide the alpha emitter to the tumour and will thereby specifically damage the tumour. By employing molecular imaging methods he visualises where the drug is going and investigate why, and how he can optimise this.

Meet the companies

At this hangout 8–10 companies that are members of LMI will be asked to give a 2-minute pitch on their company to let researchers and students know what the company is all about and what they can discuss with representatives from the company at the matchmaking. The companies might for example talk about existing collaboration with academia and hospitals, their scouting activity and what it takes to collaborate with them, what competence are they looking for and if they are open to hire interns.


The companies are available for matchmaking with researchers and students in the area outside Forum auditorium after the talks and pitches.

Food and beverages, and mingling at the new rooftop terrace in Oslo Science Park

About the innovation hangouts

The Life Science Growth House will arrange quarterly afternoon/evening-innovation hangouts.

This is an informal meeting place where students and researchers from the University of Oslo (UiO) can interact with actors from the public sector, hospitals, companies, mentors, business clusters and incubators within UiO's innovation ecosystem. We will provide inspirational talks, talks from role models, matchmaking, food and beverages, and mingling.

The overall goal of the Life Science Growth House is to strengthen the innovation culture at UiO to put more knowledge from research to use. With this meeting place, we want to inspire researchers and students, give them self-confidence and knowledge about the innovation process, help them build networks, and facilitate collaboration between academia and industry.

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  • Autumn 2022: Innovation hangout #4, in collaboration with Norway Health Tech

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