All cleaning is eco-friendly and carried out in accordance with the UiO quality targets: After cleaning all fixtures, floors and walls have smooth, maintained surfaces, with no dirt, stains or spills.

Regular cleaning

Floors and surfaces:

  • Always: clean floors and dust cleared surfaces such as tables, desks, chairs and shelves, as well as whiteboards and blackboards in seminar rooms.
  • As necessary: table and chair legs, shelves, cupboards, shelving units, doors, thresholds, frames, mouldings, entrance doors, dividers and glass walls.

Bathrooms, locker rooms and showers:

  • Always: clean floors, dust and spot removal.
  • As necessary: clean the toilet and sink, paper and soap dispensers and refill these, clean mirrors, walls, showers, doors, thresholds, frames, mouldings and empty waste bins.

The cleaning plans are posted on all floors of the buildings UiO owns.


Some areas are monitored by cleaners in accordance with a schedule, in order to assess whether cleaning is needed.

Cleaning of windows and curtains

The cleaning of windows and curtains is done periodically at a fixed frequency.

  • Window washing: annually
  • Curtain cleaning: every fourth/fifth year

In advance of the periodic cleanings, the Estate Department gives notice about necessary preparations.

Report damage, defects and needs

You can also report other needs related to cleaning, outdoor space, waste, internal relocation, courier services or other operational work.