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EE waste and hazardous waste

EE waste must be put in the collection containers available at the UiO waste stations. Hazardous waste is handled by the units.

EE waste

EE waste describes all discarded electrical and electronic devices and components.

All EE waste except light sources, storage media and toners must be placed in the collection containers at the UiO waste stations.

Discard in collection containers:

  • Office and computer equipment: Computer screens, printers, copiers, telephones
  • TVs, radios, video cameras, amplifiers, musical instruments
  • Cables and cords
  • Coffee machines, kettles, toasters, other home appliances
  • Medical equipment not categorized as hazardous waste: radiation treatment equipment, dialysis equipment, laboratory equipment, freezing equipment

Discard in special containers for light sources:

  • Light fixtures and lamps
  • Incandescent lamps, fluorescent light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs

Return toners to the supplier


  • Return toner cassettes free of charge.

  • Download postage-paid return labels at

  • Put toner cartridges in the residual waste.


  • The return label is in the box the toner cassette is supplied in.

  • Free return.


  • Return the toner cassettes in special boxes ordered from Lyreco.

  • The service is free.

Return computers and storage devices to USIT

Hard drives and other storage devices with personal information, forms, and other types of sensitive data must be delivered to USIT’s Customer Service (Houston) on the third floor of Kristen Nygaards's house. Find map and opening hours.

Hazardous waste

Special waste and hazardous waste (infectious, chemical and radioactive waste) must be handled in accordance with the applicable instructions. Each unit is responsible for delivery and retrieval of special waste and hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste includes:

  • Chemicals
  • “Risk waste”: Blood, cells, viruses, bacteria, sharp or pointed objects
  • Biological waste: dead laboratory animals, etc.
  • Radioactive waste

Report damages, defects and needs

You can also report other needs related to cleaning, outdoor space, waste, internal relocation, courier services or other operational work.