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Guide to My studies

My studies is split in four parts: Messages, Schedule, My shortcuts and My study program and courses.

Log in

Image may contain: Font, Rectangle, Brand.When you log in to My studies, you can choose to let the browser remember you by checking "Stay logged in". The login will last until you manually log out, delete cookies or the service requires a new log in. It will last up to one semester at a time, possibly a shorter period of time in the beginning.

We recommend to use this feature only on your own computer or mobile.


Mine studier collect messages from your study programme and courses.

You will receive messages from:

  • your study programme's webpage,
  • your programme option's webpage,
  • the semester pages of your courses,
  • and the Canvas rooms you participate in.

Messages from and from Canvas are merged in chronological order.

Schedule / Calendar

The schedule shows exams and teaching for your courses, and any submissions you have i Canvas.

You can subscribe to your calendar in Mine studier.

Exams in your schedule

Time and place for exams are shown in the calendar for the courses you are registered to.

Note this about the calendar in Mine studier:

  • Oral exams can be marked in the calendar, but you will receive further information from the department about what applies to you when the exam is approaching.
  • Information about special exam arrangements is only displayed in Studentweb.

Bildet kan inneholde: rektangel, skrift, parallell, skråningen, mønster.


The schedule shows the teaching you are registered for.

Assignments in Canvas

The timetable shows assignments from the Canvas rooms you participate in. The calendar shows the deadlines with a link to the assignment in Canvas.

My shortcuts

My shortcuts gives you links to useful services in your studies. You get a standard layout of the most popular shortcuts the first time you log in, but you can edit and choose which shortcuts you want at any time. You can also add your own shortcuts.

My study programme and courses

Under this heading you will find your study programme and programme option in addition to the courses you are registered for.

Bildet kan inneholde: rektangel, skrift, antall, skjermbilde.

Change page layout

You can choose to see the schedule or your shortcuts at the top of the view in Mine studier. You do this from the meny behind your name at the top of My studies.

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