Automatically sorting e-mail in Evolution

Sorting your e-mail messages into different folders provides overview and helps you keep track of messages. You can sort your messages in two different ways.

1. Filtering at the server (filers created in webmail - OWA):

By creating e-mail filters in webmail (OWA), the messages are filtered on the mail server before they are brought into Evolution. This is more convenient because sorting is independent of the program you use to read / send email.The messages are sorted in the same way regardless of whether you read e-mail via the webmail service, Evolution, home computer or on mobile devices.

If you want e-mail filtering in this way - on the e-mail server - log into webmail (OWA) and set up your filters there. 

It is important that you do not edit your filters from both Evolution and webmail. You must therefore decide whether you want local filters that filters e-mail only on one computer / device at a time, or you want filters that filter already on the email server and provide equal sorting on all devices.

See instructions for filtering and sorting e-mail messages in webmail (OWA).

2. Local filtering (filters in Evolution).

If you find it most convenient to have local filters that filters e-mail only on one computer / device at a time, follow the instructions below:

How to create filters in Evolution:

1. Go to the Edit menu and select Message Filters.

Opprett en regel for et filter i Evolution
In the window that pops up, you register what you want Evolution to filter by and what you want to be done with the messages captured by the filter. It is recommended to filter mostly on Sender and / or Subject contains:
Opprett et filter i Evolution

You can choose what Evolution should do when an e-mail is captured by the filter, such as display a notice on the screen, play a sound and / or move messages to a specific folder.

If you do not have an appropriate folder for the filter, press the New  button to create a folder. Confirm the folder by pressing OK.

Select Folder -> New

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