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E-mail and calendar

Read about e-mail safety, how much e-mail storage space is available to you, how to create groups, how to decrease the amount of spam received, forwarding e-mails and much more

Read e-mail at UiO

All students and staff at UiO are assigned an e-mail account. Find your UiO e-mail address and start using your UiO e-mail. 

Invite and respond to invitations

Respond to meeting requests and Invite others to meetings and make room reservations via your e-mail calendar. 

Setup for mobile device or home computer

You can read your UiO e-mail and use the calender on mobile devices and home computer or laptop. It requires a few simple settings.

Filters for automatic sorting

If you get a lot of e-mail, you can create filters that automatically sorts your mail into folders from your inbox.

Are you having trouble accessing your desktop e-mail client?

Contact local IT to get help. Meanwhile, go to og log in with your UiO username and password to use read and write e-mails and use your calendar until your client is up and running again.

Make room reservation?

Reserve meeting rooms directly in your calendar. For classrooms, reserve via the UiO room reservation system (TP).

E-mail and calendar services

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