Invite and respond to invitations

The University has an integrated e-mail and calendar system. This means that you receive and accept invitations to meetings directly from your e-mail. Invitations that you send out from your calendar, go straight to the recipients e-mail.

One application for calendar and e-mail

The integrated e-mail and calendar solution has Exchange-servers as its foundation. Windows users are advised to use Outlook, while Mac users can use Apple Mail and Calendar and Linux users can use Evolution. All these programs have the advantage that e-mail and calendar can be found in the same program. You do not need to open two different applications for e-mail and appointments. E-mail can be read with a variety of other applications if desired, and e-mail and calendar are also available from mobile phones and tablets as well as in the webmail solution OWA - Outlook Web App. See the full list of recommended programs

User's guides

To accept a meeting invitation in such an integrated e-mail and calendar program, simply click Accept or Accept / Decline or Decline in the email you receive. The calendar is updated automatically.

Instructions on how to create appointments and invite to meetings can be found along with the other user's guides:

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