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Using your UiO e-mail

All students and staff at the UiO have an email account that they are encouraged to use in their daily work at the University. Use your UiO-username and -password to access this e-mail account.

Choose an e-mail program

Which email program you should use depends on the type of computer and operating system. Most users at the UiO are using a Windows PC and are recommended to use Outlook. See the full list of program recommendations for all supported platforms

If you want a simple e-mail application that you can use from multiple computers, you can use UiO Webmail service currently Outlook Web Access. Webmail can be used from any platform and most browsers. You may want to switch between the two.


Office Computers for faculty and staff shall be properly set up for e-mail. There you can simply login with your UiO username and password. The same applies to webmail for both students and staff - just log in and start sending and receiving e-mails and using the calendar.

If you do not use webmail, and want to access email from your own computer at home, a laptop that is not owned by UiO or a mobile device, you must do a few simple settings. Read more about it in the user's guides for each application.

What is my e-mail address?

If you're wondering about which e-mail addresses you've been assigned, you will find them on the e-mail page in Brukerinfo.

Can I set up forwarding?

Employees are not allowed to activate forwarding. Please use UiO's own e-mail system instead when reading and sending work-related e-mails. Other groups like students can use forwarding.

To set up or remove forwarding, go to the forwarding-page in Brukerinfo. You can set up forwarding to only one other e-mail address.

My anti-spam settings

If you are troubled by spam mails, review and adjust your anti-spam settings in Brukerinfo.

How much storage space do I have for e-mail?

Your e-mail quota is listed together with your e-mail addresses in Brukerinfo.

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