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Bildet kan inneholde: bilbelysning, motorkjøretøy, font, linje, deling.
  • Educloud Research is a research platform for collaboration with users across institutions and borders.
  • Safe storage and recovery of files lost, accidently deleted or stored on computers that have stopped working.
  • Great stability and capacity.
  • High degree security outwards and between cutsomer containers. 
  • Educloud Research kan be ordered by organizations outside UiO as long as they are connected to UiO or the University/University College sector. 

Included in Educloud Research basic package

  • Share your data with other researchers through our self-service portal.
  • 1 TB of data with backup
  • Desktop of choice: Windows or Linux (possible to opt-out, and have a clean HPC package)
  • Scientific software (licensed software must be negotiated for non-UiO users)
  • Access to low threshold HPC




UiO (NOK) UH (excl VAT)
HPC only project                (per project per year) 0 15.000
Basic Educloud project      (per project pr year) Free at least until January 2023 22.000
HPC access per core hour 0 0,07
Extra storage per TiB pr year < 10TiB: 400 NOK
> 10TiB: 500 NOK
Extra backup per TiB raw data on disk that is backed up per year 0 800
Advanced User Support (per hour) 705 930

Order Educloud Research


Order Educloud Research

When you click the Order Educloud Research button above, you are taken to a web page where the ordering process starts. On that page, click Request a new project. If you are not already a customer, a contract will be created in the request process. This process is currently available only for users with a Norwegian electronic ID.

If you do not have a Norwegian electronic ID, please contact us at ec-contact@uio.no.