Features and screen shots

Top features

NOTE: There is a 2 GB browser limit for browsers not supporting html5.

  • Send arbitrarily large files from a user to one or more other users. Tested with files up to 1000GB
  • Pause/resume download.
  • Integrates with various authentication (Feide, OpenID).
  • Automatic deletion of shared files after 20 days.
  • Upload vouchers to allow users without an account to upload a file.
  • Self-explanatory interface (see screenshots).
  • Built on html5 and Flash. No Java needed.

FileSender is developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community.



FileSender is a collaborative effort of the national research networks of Norway (Uninett), Ireland (Heanett), Australia (Aarnet) and Nederlands (Surfnet) and is available to Feide users at filesender.uio.no

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