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NRIS NIRD - National e-Infrastructure for Research Data

What is NRIS NIRD?

  • NRIS (Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services) is a collaboration between Uninett Sigma2 and the four universities NTNU, UiB, UiO og UiT, to offer resources and support providing high performance computing and data storage services to researchers affiliated with academic institutions in Norway.
  • NRIS NIRD (National e-Infrastructure for Research Data) is offering

    • data storage

    • services for data planning, data collection, data analysis and data sharing

    • data archive service with DOI publication

Getting access

NRIS NIRD is available to staff and students at Norwegian universities and university colleges.

For more information on how to apply for access please visit:

What can I store using NIRD?

Who do I contact?

  • For technical questions or advice on how to use the system please contact NRIS user support
  • To get general advice on using HPC resources and the services offered to scientific researchers at Univerity Of Oslo please contact USIT, Department for Research Infrastructure Services at: