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Personal storage for researchers

Researchers at University of Oslo may be granted up to 1TB of additional storage space to accommodate any extra requirements they might have when performing their research activities.

Please note that you need to use a computer with wired Internet-connection. This will not work if your computer is on WiFi. 

For  the moment this service comes with two different options on how to utilize the storage, and researcher are asked to choose one and not a mix of the two:

  1. A personal storage space with limited opportunities for data sharing.
  2. Project storage space on Abel. This will require an user account on Abel.

Based on user feedback and after an evaluation period the services offered may be subject to change.

Getting access

The service is available to researchers registered in SAPDFØ as scientific employees and/or PhD students only. Please complete and submit this form (in Norwegian) to apply for storage space. Access to the ordering form is limited to the aforementioned personel. In the case someone is erroneously denied access please contact and we will do a manual check on your affiliation with the University of Oslo.

Getting started on Windows

For Windows users it is recommended to use a mapped network drive. This will be mounted automatically when users are logging on. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open File Explorer and press Map Network Drive.

  1. In the dialogue box: Type the given storage space path (\\astra\astra-01\) ending with your username. Remember to check "Reconnect at sign-in" and press Finish. Now, File Explorer will display the new storage under "Network locations". A pop up of the station in file explorer should now appear, with your username.

Getting started on Linux

Linux users will find the storage space already available on the server in the directory:


Getting started on Mac OS X

Mac-users may follow this procedure to get the storage mounted:

  • Open Finder and press CMD + K to get the Server-dialog. Type:
  • Click OK.

Getting started outside the wired UiO network

If you're connected via a wireless network or a VPN to UiO, you may use Cyberduck (Mac) or WebDrive (Windows):

In both cases, connect via and use the path



The storage space will be backed up daily, and backups are kept for 90 days.

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