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The Career Fair at UiO

Karriereuka - The Career Fair

Want to learn more about future job prospects? Want to meet a possible future employer? Join us at the Career Fair.

The Career Fair Karriereuka 2020 is hosted by The University of Oslo and the Career Services, and takes place from the 21st to the 24th of September around campus and in the University Library building, Georg Sverdrups hus.


What's in it for me?

At the Career Fair you will find representatives from some 50+ employers, both private and public sector. This provides a great opportunity for you to discover what the businesses can offer and to learn more about where your skills and knowledge are needed. Learning the requirements for work outside of academic research also allows you to make strategic career choices during your time at the university.

In addition, the Career Fair provides you a unique opportunity to broaden your network. A solid network is important in both academic and non-academic jobs and a survey from UiO in 2014 revealed that 40 percent of the respondents got their first job through their network.

  • Learn more about the different employers that interest you
  • Discover new employers you didn´t know could be of interest
  • Learn more about what you can do to increase the chances of getting the job you want
  • Find out where you do not want to work
  • Get new contacts and introduce yourself to potential employers

How should I prepare?

Be a scientist, do some research! Check the list of companys attending Karriereuka. There you'll find an overview and description of all the companies and the qualifications they are looking for, which job opportunities they can offer in addition to having graded the importance of language (Norwegian/ English), grades, professional experience and educational qualifications when hiring. You will also find a stand map and contest where you can win prizes.

Prepare some questions. There will be a lot of people and not much time for questions. Prepare a few questions for the representatives you want to meet. If you don´t have enough time, ask for their contact information and if you can contact them later.

Prepare a pitch of yourself. You will not have enough time to dig into details of your research, and they will perhaps not understand what you are talking about. Prepare a short presentation (max 2 min) of yourself, the skills you have acquired during your studies and your motivation. 

What can I ask the employers?

By asking the right questions, you can gain useful information about the businesses, while also discovering if this is a business you want to work for in the future. Some questions you could ask:

  • What should I do to get a job with you in the future?
  • What are the most important skills you are looking for when you hire?
  • What are some typical responsibilities you give to new employees with a similar background to me?
  • How does the recruitment process work in your business?
  • What can I do to increase my opportunities in the future?
  • What is it like to work for your business

For employers

Practical informations for employers attending Karriereuka - The Career Fair

Karriereuka - The Career Fair is organized by the Career Services at the University of Oslo and the University of Oslo

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