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Project assignments at bachelor level

We offer research-based Project assignments at bachelor Level. The assignments can be 10, 20 or 30 credits. For formal information about the courses, please see the course pages. On this page, you will find detailed information about the requirements for the project description and the project report.

Project description

At the start of the project, a project description outlining the project should be made.

The project description should include:

  1. The aim of the project.
  2. Progress plan.
  3. A description of how the project should be limited in size and time, so that the work load corresponds to the correct number of credits.
    • Expected work load for a 10 credit projects corresponds to 13-15 hours a week over a period of 18 weeks, including literature studies and writing of the project report.

    • For 20 and 30 credits assignments, it is possible to do the assignment over two consecutive semesters.

  4. Overview of Methods and instruments the student will use.
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Supervision
    • The type and frequency of supervision will vary with the nature and phase of the project. As a starting point, supervision can be frequent in the beginning, when the student is learning to use new techniques or instruments, and then switch to weekly meetings when the student is more independent.
    • If the student is expected to work with the project on specific days or times of the day, this should be stated in the project description.
    • A student with an external assignment, must have a contact person at The Department of Chemistry
    • If other people are involved in supervising the student, their role should be made clear in the project description.

The project description is to be signed by the student and the supervisor, and to be approved by the person responsible for the project assignment courses. If there are significant changes to the project, student and supervisor should revise the project description so that aims and responsibilities are still clear to everyone.

You are entitled to sufficient instruction on instruments and methods to be able to work effectively and safely, but must expect to work with a large degree of Independence. Your tasks should be outlined in the project description, but adjustments along the way must be expected. In addition to adjusting the project and helping you interpret the results, your supervisor should also provide feedback on your work with the project report.

If you have an experimental project assignment, you are part of the laboratory group, and you participate in cleaning and maintenance together with other users of the laboratory. However, you should not be given routine cleaning tasks that would normally be carried out by technical staff.


Project report

The project report is the basis for the evaluation of your work in the course. The report should include:

  1. Description of the project aim.
  2. Background for the project.
  3. Descriptions of methods that have been used.
  4. Results.
  5. Discussion and conclusion

You should write the project report in a scientific manner. References should be included where appropriate, but the requirements for theoretical background should not be greater than what the time limits for the assignment allow.

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