Registration with the police for EU/EEA citizens

Students with EU/EEA citizenship need to register with the Oslo Police within 3 months after arrival in Norway. Only applicable for students staying in Norway for more than 3 months.

Information about appointments with the police: 

Please book the first available appointment with the police, even if it is more than 3 months after your arrival. 

As a new student arriving spring 2023 you may register an application online before your arrival in Oslo. However, you must wait to book an appointment with the police until after arrival in Oslo.

You can start your studies and stay in Norway, even if you have not been able to meet with the police.

UiO will update our web page and inform students if we receive further information about available appointments from the police. 

We recommend that you log on regularly to see if there are any earlier appointments available. For any further questions, please contact the Oslo Police Department

Please note that Nordic citizens do not have to register with the Police.

How to register with the police

In order to receive a registration certificate from the Oslo Police you must register with the police. Students that cannot attend the drop-in appointments, must book an appointment with the police through the UDI web page. 

You must first register an application the police through the UDI web page.

  1. Register online with the UDI:
    • Fill in your country and choose Oslo as your municipality.
    • Choose "Go to the application form". 
    • Create a new user account. You will receive an email  with a verification code to activate your account.
    • Students currently without a Norwegian address may use:
      • When asked to fill in "What is your planned address in Norway?"  click on "I cannot find the right address" and fill in the International Student Reception's address.
      • Fill in this address: c/o University of Oslo, International Student Reception, PO Box 1083 Blindern, N-0318 Oslo
      • When asked to fill in "House number and letter", fill in 0. 
    • When you are asked to choose a police station select "A SUA office" and choose "Oslo Politidistrikt, Servicesenteret for utenlandske arbeidstakere (SUA)". 
    • Book an appointment with the Police if you cannot attend the drop-in appointments on Friday 30 September or Friday 14 October. 
  2. Make a copy of:
    • Passport or both sides of your National ID-card
    • Both sides of the European Health Insurance Card or proof of other private health insurance coverage. It must be valid for the whole period you are staying in Norway.
    • Admission letter (can be found in Studentweb under "Documents").
    • A personal declaration that you have sufficient funds for your period of stay.
    • We recommend that you bring a print-out of from UDI's portal that proves that you have registered an application.

Dual citizenship

Students with dual citizenship (EU passport and non-EU passport) must register with the police either:


Published Nov. 27, 2019 6:18 PM - Last modified Nov. 22, 2022 11:18 AM