South Asian Culture and Society (programme option)

South Asia is an ancient world that experiences rapid social and cultural change. What can fieldwork in small places or close reading of individual texts teach us about social and cultural dynamics? What tools do we have to analyse contradictory trends? And what do we learn from it all?

The programme option is part of the programme

Asia and Middle East Studies (master's two years)

Employment opportunities

  • ollieuz-annelies-200x235 Rapid Response Team member

    “If you want to be work in the field of emergency aid you should acquire an internship and learn an extra language in addition to English,” recommends Annelies Ollieuz, who coordinates education on emergency situations for the Norwegian Refugee Council/UNICEF.

  • olaisen-harriet-200x376 Owner and founder

    “I acquired an invaluable network through my exchange visit to India when I was studying for my Master’s degree in South Asian Culture and Society. Without that I would not have been able to set up my own company,” says Harriet Olaisen, the owner and founder of HOI by Cottage Wool.