Why choose this programme option?

This two-year interdisciplinary Master in South Asian Culture and Society gives you a great opportunity to develop your competency on contemporary South Asia – India and Bangladesh in particular – in the fields of religion and religious change, literature and language, and democracy and political participation. 

The fall semester of 2023 will be the last time the programme admits new students. To check your admission requirements and application deadline, see “Admission”.

You will also be part of a dynamic academic community beyond the programme.

This programme option is open to students with South Asian studies background, whether in language or area studies. 

Develop your skills

The MA in South Asian Culture and Society will equip you with the skills and competencies you need to explore the fascinating world of South Asia. Whether your interests are in language and literature, religious practices and change, or political development, the programme will train you in the use of relevant methods and theories of the field. This master programme will give you the skills you need to engage in academic work.

  • Fieldwork
  • Text analysis
  • Historical method

Develop your understanding

As you engage in studies and analysis, you gain deep understanding of contemporary South Asia, and the region’s political and ideological developments, its cultural expressions and the tensions produced by modernisation and globalisation.

The third semester you will spend

  • As a trainee in a Norwegian embassy, a business or an organisation in the region
  • On field-work, collecting your own material for your Master thesis
  • As a student at a university specialising on your chosen topic

Develop your competency

As a Master student you will receive supervision from among our experienced, active and research-driven group of scholars. Our research deal with interesting fields such as linguistics, folk theatre, folk Hinduism, religious change and complexity, Hindu nationalism, political leadership, and criminal politics.


South Asian Culture and Society is designed for students who wish to:

  • Pursue a career as an academic
  • Join a sector where SACS students typically have opportunities: journalism, public service, cultural organisations, international organisations, South Asia oriented business
  • Learn about South Asia but keen to develop general skills: managing your own project (the thesis); processing large datasets; collecting data to answer a question;  make accessible theoretical material

Click here for examples of recent Master's theses written by students in the MA program


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