Information about the study plan agreement

The study plan agreement

The study plan agreement is an agreement between you, the student, Your supervisor/s and the Program Board and it regulates the reciprocal rights and duties in connection with the master's study. The deadline for submitting the application is the of December in your first semester. Failing to deliver an application within the deadline will, after a written notification, lead to loss of the right to study.

Special curriculum

The theoretical curriculum consists of 60 or 90 credits depending on what kind of thesis you have chosen. If the regular courses does not cover the needed topics you may apply for a special curriculum together with your supervisor. The curriculum must be specified With list of litterature and page numbers.

Attachments to the study plan agreement

The application for study plan agreement must include a project description and a risk assesment. Both must be signed by the student and all supervisors.

Registration in StudentWeb

You must register for courses and exam each semester in StudentWeb. The last semester is dedicated for the thesis and it is enough to do semester registration and pay the semester fee. The registration for the thesis is done by the student administration when your study plan agreement is approved.

Changes during the master's studies, appliaction for part time or study leave and postponment of the deadline for the master thesis.

You can change the theoretical curriculum at any time up until the last semester. All changes must be in accordance with your main supervisor.

All Applications for part time studies or leave of absence must be delivered before the of June or the 1.the of December for the following semester. The reason for the delay/absence must be documentet and the application must include a plan for the remaining courses and the master's project.

Postponment of the deadline for the thesis can be granted in cases where there are unforseen problems with the project, for example malfuctioning equipment etc., or short term illness. Application With documentation must be handed in before the deadline.

All changes must be approved by the Program Board, and written application signed by student and supervisor/s must be sent or handed in to the student administration.



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