Learning outcomes

This Master programme specialisation aims at providing students with a research-based foundation for understanding the relationship between education and young people (including children) in the context of global social change, and situated in the ‘Nordic model’ of education, childhood and youth. It will enable graduates to further develop their interests and careers in research and work related to children and young people in various contexts.

Upon completing the programme, the students should be able to have:


  • conceptual understanding of the pertinent approaches, theories and paradigms that have influenced childhood and youth studies.
  • socio-historical understanding of important issues of relevance to children and young people, education, and global social change.
  • contextual understanding of international and national policies and practices related to children and youth.


  • methodological skills for the study of children and young people, education and social change
  • analysis of policies concerning children and young people
  • analysis of research on children and young people in diverse contexts, inside and outside of schools, against the backdrop of digitalisation, migration and the making of new inequalities in our contemporary world


  • ability to critically examine issues in and approaches to childhood and youth studies in contemporary societies
  • ability to identify a pertinent research issue in international studies of childhood and youth
  • ability to apply relevant theories and methods in researching a specific topic
  • ability to present to professionals and non-professionals an issue in a focused manner in written and oral form, applying appropriate academic rules and procedures

Target group

The specialisation aims to attract students from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds who work with children and youth and/or have a general interest in children and youth studies linked to ‘The Nordic model’ of education and upbringing within the broader context of global social change.

This interdisciplinary specialisation is designed to provide a firm academic foundation for those who wish to pursue their interest and careers in research and work related to children and young people in various contexts.

Published Mar. 4, 2021 3:53 PM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2021 3:10 PM