Why choose this programme option?

Are you curious about how children and youth experience and shape social change? Have you thought about the implications of growing up in a digital culture? This interdisciplinary specialisation in the Master’s in Education programme uniquely ties together the concepts ‘Education’, ‘Social Change’, ‘Childhood’ and ‘Youth’, and offers international studies of children and youth with reference to the ‘Nordic Education Model’.

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About the specialisation

Our world is rapidly changing, bringing about new opportunities as well as risks and uncertainty. Major social changes such as digitalisation, blurring of boundaries between formal and informal learning, migration and new forms of inequalities are intensifying. In this context, no country can afford to neglect their younger generation’s education, upbringing and general wellbeing as future citizens. 

Do you want to examine the current and emerging issues that concern children and youth? Do you want to explore innovative ideas and perspectives to educate children and young people?

Education and Social Change: Childhood and Youth Studies (ESCY) is one of the specialisations in our international Master’s in Education programme. It focuses on international studies of children and youth with reference to the ‘Nordic Education Model’, and treats childhood and youth, the two formative phases in life, as a continuum.

We will address topics and issues such as:

  • The implications of growing up in a digital culture
  • The making of new social inequalities concerning children and youth
  • The impacts of migration on children and youth
  • Long-term and sustainable policy concerning children and youth

You get the opportunity to study under the guidance of excellent academic experts in childhood and youth studies. The specialisation has teaching staff from the following research groups at our department: LiDAHEDWORK and HumStud.

Study environment

We offer a highly interactive and supportive environment. You have the unique opportunity to study in an international environment, learn from each other’s experience, and go beyond the textbooks.

During your studies, you will have some joint courses with the Higher Education Studies-specialisation. We encourage all students to interact between the specialisations, both academically and socially.

There are numerous student societies, which all UiO students may join.

If you have an interest in writing, you can write for Pedagogisk Profil, which is a student-driven magazine. You can also contribute to the study environment by joining Kjellerutvalget – the organisation responsible for the Faculty's student pub, or you can get involved with the UV – Student Union and be a representative of the students at the faculty.

Student Excursion Grant

The Department of Education (IPED) offers financial support to groups of students who organise excursions/study trips with purposes relevant to their study specialisation.

Further studies and career opportunities

Our graduates will obtain an academic foundation that will make them attractive for a wide range of positions related to children and youth. Your career path can take place in both Norway and internationally, in various bilateral and multilateral organisations, ministries, research centres and the higher education sector. Read more about career prospects here.

As a graduate, you are eligible to apply to PhD programmes in Norway and elsewhere.

You can find more information about further studies and career opportunities on our website.

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