Higher Education Studies (programme option)

Are you aspiring to have a career in an international organisation or contribute to the further development of the field of higher education studies? Do you want to influence higher education policy or the quality of study programmes in universities and colleges? This interdisciplinary programme’s specialisation offers you the opportunity to study amongst leading scholars in the field.

The programme option is part of the programme

Education (master's two years)

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    Ben Olsoe completed his Masters' degree in Higher Education in 2019. He moved back to the USA after his studies and is now working as a Program Coordinator at the Asian-American Educational Studies Center inside the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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    Enzo N. Rossi completed his Master's degree in Higher Education in 2015. Today he works as an external consultant for the University of Oslo's Department of Informatics in their project DHIS2 (District Health Information Software).

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    Anette Løken completed her Master's degree in Higher Education in 2016. She is now a senior adviser at the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), in the section for research, innovation and higher education.