Why choose this programme option?

Do you want to influence higher education policy or the quality of study programmes in universities and colleges? This master’s programme focuses on higher education as the main institutionalised domain in any society, where the two primary knowledge processes of education and research come together.

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A study programme that will make you an expert in higher education

Knowledge has become a central concept not only in the academic world, but also in politics, economics, social movements, affecting all people around the world in various ways. With higher education being the key knowledge institution in any society there is a growing demand for higher education expertise and experts

Do you want to become an expert on higher education? Do you want to analyse higher education’s functioning in our knowledge societies in areas ranging from teaching and student learning to global inequality? Do you want to develop innovative perspectives for getting a better understanding of higher education’s performance and functioning?

This international programme focuses on higher education as the main institutionalised domain in any society where the two primary knowledge processes of education and research come together. The programme covers:

  • international and supranational dimensions
  • national and regional levels
  • universities and colleges as organisations from the central leadership to the study programme/curriculum level
  • teaching and student learning

Disciplinary Perspectives

The relationships between higher education governance, policy and organisation, and teaching and learning processes will be discussed and interpreted from various disciplinary perspectives. This implies an understanding of the multi-level and multi-actor relationships in areas such as:

  • quality enhancement and curriculum development
  • higher education governance and policy
  • the use of digital technologies
  • funding, human resources management
  • student support

These perspectives are highly relevant for candidates involved in or aspiring to become involved in higher education, be it as academic teachers and researchers, institutional administrators, curriculum managers, policy-makers, staff of national or international agencies, or consultants.

This specialisation is aimed at enhancing its students’ research skills and professional competences. The students will benefit from a highly experienced academic and administrative support structure and from the rich research resources at The University Library, as well as our broad global network of scholars and practitioners in higher education, including over 300 alumni.

We are proud to say that our University is is one of the best in the world. Nationally, we are ranked as number one. Why choose the University of Oslo? Read about what we have to offer!

There is no tuition fee for this specialisation, except for a small semester fee every semester.

Study environment

You will have the unique opportunity to study in an international environment with students sharing experiences and knowledge of the higher education systems from various countries. You get to learn from each other's experience and go beyond the textbooks.

During your studies, you will have some joint courses with the students enrolled in the Education and Social Change: Childhood and Youth Studies-specialisation. We encourage all students to get actively involved in joint academic and social activities organised by the two specialisations. 

Virtual collaboration with The University of Iowa, USA

Students will have the opportunity to participate in international experiences through a virtual collaboration programme with the University of Iowa, USA.

Student Excursion Grant

The Department of Education (IPED) offers financial support to groups of students who organise excursions/study trips with content relevant to their study programme. There is a long tradition in the specialisation of using this support to organise a study trip to Brussels.

Student societies

There are numerous student societies, which all UiO-students may join.
If you have an interest in writing, you can write for
Pedagogisk Profil, which is a student driven journal published by the Faculty of Educational Sciences. You can also contribute to the study environment by joining Kjellerutvalget – the organization responsible for the Faculty's student pub.


Career prospects

Our graduates will obtain an academic foundation that will make them attractive for a wide range of positions related to children and youth. Your career path can take place in both Norway and internationally, in various bilateral and multilateral organisations, ministries, research centres and the higher education sector. Read more about career prospects here.

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