Learning outcomes


The candidate:

  • has advanced knowledge about the political systems and the media systems in the Nordic countries, through a comparative and international perspective, using theories and methods from both social sciences and humanities;
  • has specialized theoretical and empirical insight in a limited field that is the subject of the master thesis;
  • can compare practices of international political communication and new developments from humanistic and social scientific perspectives;
  • understands the structures and historical background that influence Nordic political communication on an advanced level;
  • can critically evaluate and analyse new developments in research on political communication.


The candidate:

  • can analyze key methodological, theoretical and ethical issues in different cross-disciplinary approaches to political communication research;
  • can identify, use and evaluate relevant political communication research methods in an independent manner;
  • can locate, analyse and engage with relevant and up to date political communication research literature and use it to structure and formulate scholarly arguments; and
  • can independently design and manage a research project within the field of political communication, in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics.

General competence

The candidate:

  • can apply his/her knowledge in new areas to carry out advanced political communication research projects;
  • can communicate political communication research questions, analyses, and results convincingly, both within the academic community, and to a larger audience;
  • can communicate extensive independent work and use language and terminology from media research;
  • can demonstrate critical approaches to ethical, social, and political issues central to media and mediatized societies;
  • can contribute to innovation within the field of research on political communication.


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