Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

A wide range of different teaching and study activities takes place in the master's programme. Apart from traditional lectures, teachingseminars, student-driven workshops, projects, and diary-writing are among the activities students will take
part in.

The 3rd and 4rth semester of study is devoted to thesis work. Here the student will work individually on a research project in collaboration with a supervisor.

The teaching and study activities in the Master's programme will vary from course to course. More details will be given in the individual course descriptions.

Compulsory attendance

Many activities on the first-year courses are obligatory. Please see the individual course descriptions for details.


The teaching will be given in English only.


Universitetet i Oslo

Forms of examination and assessment

A wide range of different assessment forms will be used, from traditional written exams to home exams and oral presentations.

Language of examination

The language of examination is English.

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