Project proposal

As an attachment to the application, all applicants must submit a project proposal (max 1 page).

Supervisors will be assigned based on the project proposal.

The proposal should provide detailed information on:

  • topic
  • research question
  • and field for fieldwork
  • how your background and education relates to your proposed project
    (such as language skills, contacts, experience or other coursework outside the requirements etc)

The title should reflect the proposed project's topic and field selection. The Project proposal supports the application, but is not part of the ranking of applicants.

See also guidelines for the motivation letter

Before deciding on a project we recommend the applicant become familiar with the research carried out at our department.

For further information see research expertise and overview of employees at the Department of Social Anthropology.

Preference will be given to master's projects that to some extent aligns with the research expertise at the Department or to the research interest of the faculty, thereby continuing our anthropological tradition and academic priorities. At the same time, we encourage students to raise new research questions that address contemporary issues.

More relevant supervision

An overlap of students interests and the competence at our department will improve the outcome of student projects as it enables us to provide more relevant supervision. The Department reserves the right to discuss individual project proposals with the applicant if the project may be too difficult to complete within the timeframe provided. We will then assist you to find a different project or to narrow your project's focus.

See also, inspiration for master projects

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