Why choose this programme?

Mathematics is useful. Math is fun. Maths sharpen the brain. Mathematics is part of our cultural heritage. Mathematics is beautiful.

About the programme

The Master's program in Mathematics is based on the bachelor's programmes Mathematics with Informatics and Mathematics and Economics. The master's programme gives you a basic introduction to mathematical axiomatic-deductive methodology. You learn to formulate stringent issues in a mathematical language suit, choose strategies for solving the problems, and provide logically accurate proof of your results.

The master's programme has two programme options:

Study environment

We know that students who are happy with their study environment are more likely to succeed with their studies.  Therefore we want you to enjoy being a student with us!

At the beginning of the study you have an opportunity to get to know both older and newer students and employees, in professional and social settings.  If you wonder about some practical aspect of your study, or need advice, please contact us.

The University of Oslo has a rich student life with more than 200 student associations. We encourage all our students to be socially active.  As a student you have access to pleasant study areas, both for studies and social activities, in near vicinity to the research environments.  Read more about Student life.

Studies abroad

You can go on exchange through the agreements offered by the University of Oslo. We recommend that you go during the second, or maybe the third, semester. Another possibility is to spend time abroad during your thesis work.

Further studies and work

After the studies you will be well prepared for working in several fields both within the private and public sectors.  Many of our master's theses are directly related to the problems and activities of technological companies and institutions in Norway. Some of the master's students who obtain very good results choose to continue on a research carrier by taking a doctoral degree (PhD) at the University of Oslo or a university abroad.

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Published May 23, 2017 12:30 PM - Last modified Sep. 26, 2017 10:47 AM