Programme structure

The Master's programme Mathematics is a two-year full time study consisting of 120 ECTS credits.

The programme has the following structure:

  • Courses, 60 or 90 ECTS credits
  • Master's thesis, 30 or 60 ECTS credits

The programme has different programme options:

Programme structure for students attending this study Autumn 2017 or earlier.

Master's thesis

You can write a short, or a long, Master's thesis. Selection of project is done in consultation with your supervisor.

A short Master's thesis consists of 30 ECTS credits, and in addition you will take courses of a total of 90 ECTS credits. The first three semesters consist of courses and the Master's thesis is done in the fourth semester. All courses have to be passed before you are allowed to start the thesis.

A long Master's thesis consists of 60 ECTS credits, and in addition you will take courses of a total of 60 ECTS credits. You take courses throughout the first semester. The Master's thesis will start with in the second or third semester, depending on the choice of specialization and after agreement With your supervisor.

If you want an insight into what a Master's thesis in mathematics entails, look at previously submitted assignments. All Master's theses submitted in recent years are available in DUO.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Science in Mathematics

The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

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