This course is replaced by NORA0110 - Elementary Norwegian, Level I.

NORINT0110BK - Betalingskurs i norsk språk, trinn 1

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This course is taught last time spring 2012, from autumn 2012 see NORA0110 - Elementary Norwegian, Level I

Heavy emphasis on oral activity. Practice of sounds that are particularly difficult, work on fundamental features of Norwegian phonetics/phonology. Pronunciation: prosody (pressure and rhythm), correct realisation of the phonemes. Grammar: verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, sentences (main sentences, negation in subordinate clauses, expressions of time, nominals, presentation sentences, placing and meaning of modality, nominal phrases, comparative expressions. Topics/vocabulary: vocabulary relevant to being an international student at a Norwegian university, family, presentation, greetings, food and drink, invitations, vocabulary related to specific fields of study, living quarters, vacation, work/leisure activities, health, tourist attractions, characteristics of Norwegian culture, and how to express requests, opinions, preferences, emotions, etc.

Course fee

There is a course fee for this subject. Information about the course fee is found on this website: Pay course

Learning outcome

Students should be able to understand oral presentations on topics from everyday life and to talk about these with the use of a simple vocabulary and in a simple and clear manner. Pronunciation should be good enough not to hinder communication. They should be able to read textbooks and equivalent texts covering topics from everyday life. They should be able to write about topics covered in the course and to express their thoughts and opinions, even though their proficiency level is elementary. They should also master the basic rules of Norwegian grammar covered in the course.


This subject is open to persons with a valid residence permit in Norway, who meets the basic entrance requirements.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students must be eligible for matriculation (except the Norwegian language requirement).

Recommended previous knowledge

No prior knowledge of Norwegian necessary.


The course lasts one semester with 90 hours of classroom instructions. More and more teaching will be given in Norwegian as the course progresses. Written assignments are to be handed in every day of class.
Only students who have been placed in a class are allowed in the class room.

NB! All Norwegian courses have mandatory attendance of at least 75%

Access to teaching

A student who has completed compulsory instruction and coursework and has had these approved, is not entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework. A student who has been admitted to a course, but who has not completed compulsory instruction and coursework or had these approved, is entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework, depending on available capacity.


At the end of the course, a 3 hour written test and an oral test is given. Both are rewarded with a letter grade (A-F with A as best pass and F is fail), both counts for 50% toward the final grade and they both have to be passed in order to receive a final passing grade.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

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Maximum 20 students per class. The number of classes varies each semester.

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