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Persons 1 - 10 of 10
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Arnoldo Frigessi Frigessi, Arnoldo Professor +47 22851004 +47-95735574 arnoldo.frigessi@medisin.uio.no Life sciences, Biostatistics, Genetic and epidemiology, Cancer, Stochastic models, Statistical inference, Complex stochastic dependence, Computational intensive statistics
Picture of Ingrid Kristine Glad Glad, Ingrid Kristine Professor +47 22855879 glad@math.uio.no Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics, Machine Learning
Picture of Arne Bang Huseby Huseby, Arne Bang Professor +47 22855860 +47 90125434 arne@math.uio.no Statistics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Einar Broch Johnsen Johnsen, Einar Broch Professor +47 22852509 einarj@ifi.uio.no computer science, formal methods, semantics, modeling, distributed systems, digital twins
Picture of Sergiy Neshveyev Neshveyev, Sergiy Professor +47 22855921 sergeyn@math.uio.no Mathematics, Operator algebras, Japan
Picture of Are Raklev Raklev, Are Professor +47 22855079 +47 41452597 ahye@fys.uio.no Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, CERN, LHC, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Nordic, USA
Picture of Geir Kjetil Ferkingstad Sandve Sandve, Geir Kjetil Ferkingstad Professor +47 22840861 geirksa@ifi.uio.no genome analysis, master tasks, bioinformatics
Picture of Anne H Schistad Solberg Solberg, Anne H Schistad Professor +47 22852435 +47 97044299 anne@ifi.uio.no Machine learning, deep learning, convolutional networks, Image analysis, pattern recognition
Picture of Trude Storelvmo Storelvmo, Trude Professor +47 22855819 trude.storelvmo@geo.uio.no Atmospheric physics, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology
Picture of Erik Velldal Velldal, Erik Professor +47 22840119 erikve@ifi.uio.no NLP, Natural Language Processing, language technology, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence