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What is Data Science and Computational Science?

dScience organizes and conducts research in data science and computational science across the University of Oslo. The two areas are constantly evolving and they are mutually overlapping each other. dScience focuses on the combination.

Data science

Data science is about organizing and analyzing data, including the art of understanding data and how different data types are connected. Data cam come in large volumes, they can be very complex, structured or unstructured, and the speed at which data occurs varies. 

Data science also includes washing, integrating and preparing data for analysis, as well as techniques for presenting the analyzed results. Machine learning, which includes deep learning, is the study of methods and algorithms that learn from data and from experience. Machine learning together with efforts finding suitable digital representations of knowledge, are central in data science. 

Computational Science

Computational Science is about developing methods and algorithms for solving and understanding complex phenomena and systems, whether they exist in nature or are created by humans. In many cases particularly strong computers are needed to solve these problems.

Simulations, combined with advanced data analysis, are becoming increasingly important in computational science. Machine learning has therefore become an important part of computational science.

Published Mar. 17, 2021 12:13 AM - Last modified Mar. 18, 2021 12:55 PM