CityStudio Oslo

CityStudio Oslo is an experiential education platform that connects disciplines and institutions to frame and face challenges occurring in the City of Oslo. CityStudio Oslo is a collaboration between The City of Oslo, UiO, NMBU, AHO and OsloMet.

Student Projects

KAIA's purpose is to connect neighbors across apartment complexes in order for them to use their collective voice for active participation in their neighborhood.

Kaffebønna café is a social meeting place and place for job opportunities for youth 

The Communication Compass is a guide to facilitate communication between the City of Oslo and elderly minorities

Park Appreciation Week piloted different interventions and activities to find the most effective way to make people more aware of biodiversity in the city.

Participation for Innovation focuses on generating more collaboration between students and other stakeholders in Innovation District City Center. 

CityStudio Oslo Showcase 2021

Five student-created projects launched in Fall 2021 in Oslo. The 5 minute project presentations, partner addresses and list of participants are available on the project showcase page below.

About CityStudio Oslo

Meet the people behind CityStudio Oslo and learn about our vision.