NUFU at UiO 1996-2001

In the NUFU Programme's second period, the University of Oslo’s NUFU portfolio reached a total number of 28 projects, carried out in cooperation with 15 different partner institutions in the South. The allocation for the whole period was a total of nearly NOK 70 Mill. The main activity was concentrated in Southern Africa, where UiO took part in twelve cooperation projects with universities in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique. The university continued its involvement in the Sahel region through cooperation with CNRST in Mali and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. Other regions of involvement were Central America, Palestine and India.

NUFU Projects 1996-2001



PRO 62.2/91: Health and Nutrition Research Programme


PRO 38/96: Wood-Inhabiting Basidiomycetes in Ethiopia
PRO 11/96 : The Study of Genetics, Reproductive Biology and Biodiversity of Petaloid Monocotyledons and Forest Tree and Shrubby Species of Economic Importance in Ethiopia
PRO 27/96: Child Development and Research. Programme Development in Child Psychology/Special Education
PRO 39A/96: Control of Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) by Local Production and Use of the Soapberry Endod


PRO 43/96: Research Concerning the Integration of National Languages into the Educational System in Mali
PRO 35/96: Contribution to Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies of 6 Medicinal Plants from the Gourma
PRO 74/96: Natural Enemies in Grasshoppers from the North-Western Part of Sahel in Mali


PRO 08/98: Repatriation of Mozambican Refugees:
Strengthening Capacity and Competence in the Field of Community Health through Collaborative Studies on Repatriation and Resettlement in Post-War Mozambique


PRO 03/98: Research in Teaching and Learning Processes in Mathematics and Science Education
PRO 46/96: Educational Psychology and Special Education Activities

South Africa

PRO 15/98: Health Information System Project
PRO 45/96: A Study of Major Non-Infectious Diseases among the Black Rural Population in South Africa
PRO 80/96: Community Health in Northern Province
PRO 81/96: Psychology Co-operation Programme between the University of Oslo and the University of the North


PRO 30/96: The Right of Access to Information: An Essential Step for the Realisation of Democracy
PRO 13/96: A Southern African Postgraduate Training Programme in Mathematical Modelling
PRO 32/96: Flora Zambesiaca: Systematic Studies within Petaloid Monocotyledons and Grasses
PRO 28/96: The African Languages Lexical Project (ALLEX)
PRO 33/96: Media Education and Research in Zimbabwe
PRO 29/96: Methodology Compentence Development - Reorganization and Structuring of the Methodology Part of the Study of Economics


Costa Rica

PRO 29.2/92: Management and Social Sciences


PRO 06/97: Forced Migration and Social Reconstruction in Petén, Guatemala


PRO 37/96: Psycosocial Consequences of Organized Violence and Forced Migration



PRO 14/96: Liberalisation and its Emerging Impact on Sustainable Urban Development in Gujarat State, India


PRO 64/96: Competence Building in Special Education
PRO 63/96: Research/Training in Nutrition Related, Non-Communicable Disease at Birzeit University
PRO 65/96: Building Competence in Epidemiology in Palestine

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