NUFU 2002-2006

In the Third NUFU period (2002-2006) UiO had 16 five -year NUFU projects in nine countries in Africa and Asia. UiO and partners  received a total funding of 75 million NOK from NUFU to finance these joint activities.

NUFU-projects in the  period 2001-2006



PRO 24/2002 Chemical Studies of Environmental Samples from Mineralised Zones and other Vulnerable Areas in Botswana


PRO 21/2002 Joint Linguistic Research Concerning the Implementation of the Educational Policy with Respect to the Use of Vernaculars in Elementary School

PRO 35/2002 Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Competence Building in Special Needs Education towards Inclusion - Etiophia, Uganda and Norway

PRO 53/2003 Biodiversity of Eastern Africa (Liles, Orchids and Sedges) - Taxonomy, Conservation and Use
PRO 54/2003 Afro-alpine ’islands’ as natural laboratories: dynamics and units of plant biodiversity


PRO MA 71/2003 Lungwena Health, Nutrition and Agricultural Multidisciplinary Project - Towards Poverty Reduction


PRO 22/2002 Medical Plants in Mali: Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry and Biological Activity
PRO 25/2002 Research Concerning the Integration of National Languages into the Educational System of Mali


PRO 19/2002 Health Information System Programme (HISP) - A programme for empowerment of the marginalised in the globalising world - "Inclusion of the excluded"

South Africa

PRO 40/2002 The Psychology Co-operation Programme UiO/UNIN


PRO 41/2002 The Language of Instruction in South Africa and Tanzania - A research cooperation with a training component


PRO 18/2002 African Languages Lexical Project - ALLEX
PRO 38/2002 Economic Modelling, Publication, and Teaching of Methodology Development
PRO 39/2002 Biodiversity of Southern Africa (monocotyledonous plants) - Taxonomy, Conservation and Use
PRO 66/2003 A Southern African Postgraduate Training Programme in Mathematical Modelling



PRO X1 50/2002 Building Competence in Epidemiology in Palestine


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