Academic Refuge material

Here you can see some of the online material from the Academic Refuge Project.

Dangerous Questions - Why Academic Freedom Matters

MOOC trailer

Core Higher Education Values

Explanation of the five higher education core values

Perspectives from the Field

Promoting Core Higher Education Values e-Handbook (PDF)

Academic Freedom Line Drawing

Animation from the MOOC

Incident Assessment

Animation from the MOOC

Info about the MOOC

Registration open until 16 June 2019 on

Promoting Higher Education Values

Guide for discussion

Promoting Higher Education Values

Workshop supplement

Welcoming Scholars at Risk to Campus

EAIE Pathways to practice guide

Academic Refuge Staff Training Report

Report with curriculum and experiences from the Academic Refuge staff training in Oslo June 2017. 

How to Host Training Curriculum

Curriculum for a one day workshop on hosting refugees and threatened scholars

How to Host PPT

Sample presentation for the How to Host workshop (PPT)