Strategic collaboration

The University of Oslo aims to enhance the quality of research, education and innovation through long-term strategic partnerships with world-leading universities and active participation in international university networks.

Prioritised countries and regions

UiO has a strong focus on further developing its partnerships and projects within the EU and ERA, as well as a long-term strategic focus on strengthening its cooperative activities with a range of countries and regions beyond Europe. Read more about strategic collaboration in research and education. 

Cooperation in education

UiO continuously work towards enhancing internationalisation and education quality in our study programs through strong educational partnerships and participation in mobility programs.

University Networks

International networks are vital arenas for creating value to collaborations between universities and for informing policy-makers on key issues such as funding, capacity, opportunity and policy development.The University of Oslo participates actively in a number of networks, with a particular focus on Nordic and European university cooperation:

Circle U.

With six other research-intensive, comprehensive European universities, UiO has been selected to form a "European University" with funding from the Erasmus programme. Circle U. will create a transnational campus for students, staff and partners from civil society, businesses and the public sector.

The Guild

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities brings together universities with excellence in teaching, research and policy formation from across Europe to collaborate on innovative solutions to some of Europe’s most intractable scientific and social challenges.

UNICA - Networks of Universities from the Capitals of Europe

UNICA is an institutional network of over 50 universities from capital cities of Europe. UNICA provides a forum for discussions about strategic change in university research, education and administration.

The European University Association (EUA)

The European University Association represents more than 800 universities and national rectors’ conferences in 48 European countries. EUA plays a crucial role in the Bologna Process and in influencing EU policies.

NUAS - The Nordic Association of University Administrators

NUAS is a member-driven collaborative organization established in 1976, and has interest groups that focus on specific administrative disciplines.

Centres abroad

UiO has established a strong presence abroad through participation in a number of university centres. The centres are important hubs for cooperation in education and research with the host country, and often also important arenas for Nordic collaboration.

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