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Procedure for fire prevention in student pub


This procedure shall ensure that:

  • Local instructions governing preventive and fire-fighting safety measures are prepared and implemented.
  • Personnel in student basements have sufficient know-how and skills in preventing and fighting fires.
  • All student basements in UiO venues carry out systematic and regularly scheduled fire prevention rounds.
  • All student basements in UiO venues conduct regular fire drills.


This procedure applies to all student basements in UiO venues, the Estate Department (EA), and the Unit for HSE and Emergency Preparedness.


Student association with operational responsibility

  • Ensure that local fire instructions are adapted to the space and that personnel carrying out work are familiar with roles and tasks to prevent and fight fire.
  • Conduct and document fire prevention training.
  • Conduct and document fire prevention round including follow-up of organisational measures and reporting of technical measures to the Estate Department.
  • Implement, evaluate and document fire drill.
  • Ensure inspection and maintenance of user equipment.


  • Contractually ensure that tenants who operate student basements will comply with this procedure.
  • Calculate the maximum number of persons for the venue.
  • Implement and perform systematic safety work for inspection and maintenance of building elements, technical infrastructure and fixed equipment.
  • Ensure that EA personnel are familiar with the building and that information about fire safety and the buildings’ current prerequisites are communicated to the student association with operational responsibility.
  • Coordinate use between owner and user to ensure compliance with the requirements and routines that apply to the building.
  • Hold evacuation drill on request.


Fire instructions

Student association with operational responsibility shall ensure that local fire instructions will be adapted to:

  • The venue
  • Staffing
  • Capacity
  • Risk
  • Responsibilities before and during fire
  • Notification
  • Evacuation/Rescue
  • Extinguishing

Fire prevention training

  • The student association with operational responsibility shall ensure that new personnel have their fire prevention training documented before beginning work. The fire prevention training form can be used.
  • Personnel who perform work that may require the use of fire extinguishing equipment must take a fire extinguishing course.
  • Personnel must attend a fire safety course for student pubs within 3 months.

Fire prevention round

  • Prior to opening, the student association with operational responsibility shall conduct a systematic visual review of escape routes, equipment, installations and routines that have an impact on fire safety.
  • The fire prevention round form in student basements should be used.
  • Errors and deficiencies that reduce personal safety must be rectified immediately and reported to the Speak up! portal (link).

Fire drill

  • The student association with operational responsibility shall ensure that at least one evacuation drill is carried out per year.
  • More frequent drills will be required with major changes of personnel.


  • The student association with operational responsibility shall contact the service centre in the EA and request a fire drill. Fire drills shall primarily take place in the evening.
  • Fire drills must be given a realistic form and emphasise the personnel’s duties concerning communication, conduct and evacuation of visitors based on the current fire instructions.
  • The Area Manager in the EA shall ensure that the Security Operation Centre, operations personnel and personnel in student basements practice their role during the drill to the extent possible


  • The EA will sound the fire alarm and observe how the evacuation proceeds, as well as whether technical fire prevention measures work as intended.
  • Personnel in student basements must follow local fire instructions.
  • The EA will stop the fire alarm when the evacuation is complete and inform everyone on site about the drill.
  • Personnel in student cellars shall contact the representative from the EA and provide information about major observations.


  • After the drill has been completed, the EA shall verify that technical fire prevention measures that were used during the drill work as intended.
  • The EA shall evaluate and document the drill. Evaluation form for fire drills should be used.
  • The student association with operating responsibilities shall document who participated in the drill and provide internal information about experiences after the evaluation.
  • Errors and deficiencies that are uncovered shall be reported to the Speak up! portal (link).


The student association with operational responsibility shall keep records of the fire documentation:

  • Local fire instructions
  • Completed fire training form
  • Completed fire prevention round form
  • Completed evaluation form for fire drills
  • Participant list after fire drill


Rules and other framework criteria

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  • Date of authorization: 4.4.2018
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