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Whistleblowing by members of staff at UiO

UiO shall be a safe and open working environment for everyone. If you as a member of staff have discovered censurable conditions that may be detrimental to UiO or to individual persons at UiO, please tell us.

Students blow the whistle by using: Speak up about the learning environment.

Blow the whistle if others are concerned

If you discover harmful, dangerous, unethical or illegal conduct that does not concern yourself you should notify your employer or safety representative. You can report the situation orally or submit your report on a web form. See what you should know before blowing the whistle.

Send notice

Complain if you are concerned personally

Censurable conditions affecting you personally you should discuss with your immediate leader or his/her superiors. In such instances, the web form for whistleblowing is not to be used.

Read more about UiO's procedures for: