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Policy for handling of chemicals

Working with chemicals at the University should be safe. Chemicals and chemical waste must be handled such that they do not pose an unacceptable risk to the external environment. The least dangerous substance in relation to health and the environment should be selected when there is a choice.


Working with chemicals must be performed in such a way that staff and students are exposed to the lowest possible levels possible, and in any event within the limits of the rules. The University shall have a list of which chemicals are kept in premises it owns or rents, and the potential danger they represent.

Work organisation

The unit manager will appoint a person responsible for the room with the necessary authority. The room supervisor will be responsible for reporting to the head of the unit using the laboratory.
Individual staff and students using chemicals shall undergo the necessary training and follow established procedures.

Risk assessment

Risk assessments shall be carried out in accordance with internal procedures, regulations and generally accepted standards. See in particular risk management policy in laboratories.


Anyone working with chemicals must have adequate training both in handling chemicals in general and their impact on health and the environment. Everyone must have access to updated safety data sheets with information on health, safety and fire hazards for the chemicals they work with. They must also receive training in how to deal with an adverse event.


If staff or students have been exposed to chemical substances with such a degree of danger that regulations require they be registered separately, the unit must report to the HSE Unit.


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