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The University of Oslo Human Rights Award 2022

Andrea Pető is awarded UiO´s Human Rights Award 2022.  Pető is a Hungarian historian and a professor of gender studies at Central European University. She receives the award for her defence of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

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Andrea Pető is awarded UiO´s Human Rights Award 2022. Photo: Central European .University

UiO's Human Rights Award is given out annually during Oslo Peace Days as a recognition of personal efforts and active involvement in one or more areas related to human rights issues in a broad sense.

– Andrea Petö is a fearless defender of academic freedom and institutional autonomy. With her connection to gender studies and Holocaust research, she represents disciplines that come under attack when European regimes move in a more authoritarian direction. Academic freedom is fundamental when important human rights are to be protected, says Pro-Rector Åse Gornitzka, who chairs the prize committee.

Through her work, Pető has also shown how attacks on academic freedom have negative consequences, especially for women rights and the LGBTQ+-community.

- I am honored to receive this award for academic freedom as illiberal regimes are weaponising education and knowledge for their political aims, says Professor Andrea Pető.

– Andrea Pető uses her voice to challenge and encourage academics and academic institutions to speak up and stand against authoritarian and illiberal regimes' attacks on academic freedom, showing how things might go if the sector is not vigilant, Gornitzka says.

Andrea Pető will come to Oslo in December to receive the award in connection with Oslo Peace days.

Published Sep. 19, 2022 12:08 PM - Last modified Sep. 19, 2022 12:49 PM