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Guidelines for normal distribution of work assignments during working hours for a combined teaching and research position at UiO


Institutions in the university and college sector are given the task of dividing working hours between research and teaching, in that emphasis is place on the opportunity for flexibility in the use of staff resources. The institutions may not enter into agreements that take away their right to govern the distribution of working hours.

The professional profiles of the institutions vary in their professional branding. UiO is a research university, and this is the starting point for the normal distribution between research and teaching in a combined teaching and research position at the institution.


The distribution of working hours takes place within the framework of the individual basic unit. As a general rule, the unit in its entirety shall deliver a certain amount of research and teaching within a normal framework of a 50/50 division between research and teaching once time for other tasks has been deducted. During periods when there is an increased need for teaching, the tasks may be unevenly divided, but this will not be permanent.


The individual academic employee in a combined research and teaching position shall generally have a corresponding division of his or her working hours over time within the normal framework mentioned above. The division of working hours is practised in line with the unit’s needs and assignments, and at times this may be unevenly divided but not on a permanent basis. Individual flexibility may be required while at the same time emphasis is placed on the employee’s wishes.

The scheme of research leave with pay according to current criteria is a stipend period and is not included in the normal division of the work duty.


The head of the basic unit is the local employer and shall make arrangements with a view to honouring professional goals and strategic research efforts. This person has a responsibility to stimulate and motivate the individual employee to seek the most positive development possible and to work for good working conditions at the unit. The head of the basic unit is responsible for ensuring that the various work assignments are carried out and that there is satisfactory documentation that the work duty has been discharged.

If it is clear that the employee cannot or does not discharge parts of his or her work duty, for example research, the head of the basic unit must be able to require that more working hours be spent on other tasks within the work duty.

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