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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 2

Persons 26 - 50 of 774
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Cecilie Andersen Andersen, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47 22851802 +47 97755640 HR development, Competence development, Courses, Project management
Picture of Lena Andersen Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47 22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Picture of Petter Haugen Andersen Andersen, Petter Haugen Head Engineer
Picture of Marko Andic Andic, Marko Senior Engineer +47 22840786 +47 40341135
Picture of Jan Andreassen Andreassen, Jan Senior Engineer +47 22852863 +47 48031077
Picture of Heidi Andresen Andresen, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47 22854432
Picture of Knut Andresen Andresen, Knut Occupational Hygienist - on leave Occupational health service, HSE, Occupational health, Work environment, HSE risk management, Occupational hygiene, Indoor climate, Building matters
Angeloff, Mina Ødegård Executive Officer
Picture of Morten Anker-Nilssen Anker-Nilssen, Morten Section Manager +47 95270406 Estate services, Landscape, Management
Picture of Christopher Antwi Antwi, Christopher Works Technician +47 22856201 +47 91727344 +47 22856201 Delivery service, Mail service
Picture of Åke Appelqvist Appelqvist, Åke Assistant Director +47 97529236 Management
Picture of I Made Armawa Armawa, I Made Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Karunakaran Arudpiragasam Arudpiragasam, Karunakaran Renholdsleder +47 22842209 +4797034528 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Christopher Weidemann Aspelin Aspelin, Christopher Weidemann Senior Adviser +47 91849708 Procurement
Picture of Carolina Isabel I Astroza Astroza, Carolina Isabel I Cleaner +47 22845686 Cleaning
Picture of Iglesias Domingo Astroza Astroza, Iglesias Domingo Works Technician +47 22844264 +47 90644685 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Marit Aukrusttrædet Aukrusttrædet, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47 22859697 +47 97763187 Events
Picture of Carolin Aulie Aulie, Carolin Senioringeniør +47 40878881
Picture of Thomas Aulin Aulin, Thomas Adviser +47 22858666 Travel, Reimbursements, Advances, ePhorte, Safety representative
Picture of Cecilie Aune Aune, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47 22844751 Web editor
Picture of Bjørge Austad Austad, Bjørge Works Coordinator +47 95118246 Building Maintenance, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Jon Austad Austad, Jon Head Engineer
Picture of Haneef Awan Awan, Haneef Senior Engineer
Picture of Abdulrahman Azab Azab, Abdulrahman Chief Engineer +47 22840036 +47 46797339 Java, .Net, Python, Docker, Grid computing, High-Performance computing, High-Throughput computing, Bioinformatics, Galaxy, scrum, HTCondor, Singularity, Programmering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, LIMS, LabKey
Picture of Kanwal Tabassam Aziz Aziz, Kanwal Tabassam Executive Officer +47 22857702 Property services, Service Center