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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 2

Persons 26 - 50 of 942
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Safet Amedov Amedov, Safet Driftsoperatør
Picture of Ghazaleh Amini Amini, Ghazaleh Section Manager +47-22856071 Internalisation, Mobility, Training
Picture of Kenneth Amundsen Amundsen, Kenneth Works Technician Building maintenance
Picture of Marius Heimly Amundsen Amundsen, Marius Heimly Works Coordinator Operations and Maintenance, Building maintenance
Picture of Trond Hasle Amundsen Amundsen, Trond Hasle Section Manager +47-22840058 +47-90052080 90052080
Picture of Marianne Knutsdotter Andenæs Andenæs, Marianne Knutsdotter Senior Adviser +47-97687638
Picture of Cecilie Andersen Andersen, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22851802 +47-97755640 HR development, Competence development, Courses, Project management
Picture of Lena Andersen Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47-22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Picture of Marko Andic Andic, Marko Senior Engineer +47-22840786 +47-40341135
Picture of Jan Andreassen Andreassen, Jan Senior Engineer +47-22852863 +47-48031077
Picture of Heidi Andresen Andresen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47-22854432 Office support, Events, Invoices, Prizes, Purchasing, Conferments
Picture of Knut Andresen Andresen, Knut Occupational Hygienist +47-22858897 +47-45513030 Occupational health service, HSE, Occupational health, Work environment, HSE risk management, Occupational hygiene, Indoor climate, Building matters
Picture of Christopher Antwi Antwi, Christopher Works Technician +47-22856201 +47-91727344 +47 22856201 Delivery service, Mail service
Picture of Åke Appelqvist Appelqvist, Åke Assistant Director +47-97529236 Management
Picture of I Made Armawa Armawa, I Made Cleaner +47-22845686 Cleaning
Picture of Karunakaran Arudpiragasam Arudpiragasam, Karunakaran Renholdsleder +47-22842209 97034528 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Goran Asanovic Asanovic, Goran Adviser +47-97154518 +47-9714518 Internal rent, Property management
Asefaw, Hanna Executive Officer Information centre
Asgrimsson, Arnthor Works Coordinator +47-92090038 Building maintenance
Picture of Christopher Weidemann Aspelin Aspelin, Christopher Weidemann Senior Adviser +47-91849708 Procurement
Picture of Carolina Isabel I Astroza Astroza, Carolina Isabel I Cleaner +47-22845686 Cleaning
Picture of Iglesias Domingo Astroza Astroza, Iglesias Domingo Works Technician +47-22844264 +47-90644685 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Marit Aukrusttrædet Aukrusttrædet, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47-22859697 +47-97763187 Events
Picture of Thomas Aulin Aulin, Thomas Adviser +47-22858666 Travel, ePhorte, Reimbursements, Advances, Web publishing
Picture of Cecilie Aune Aune, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22844751 Web editor